Want Us Back Like Before

August 6, 2011
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Can you open you eyes
and realize the pain you cause me
I stay up late just to think
while I cry and feel like dying

I look back on the good days
When we laughed and had a blast
those were the days we were true
we used to tell each other everything

I thought we were best friends
but then you changed
with a blink of my eye
I could not recall who you are

I don't like loosing you
it leaves me nothing
I had a dream and life
but without you I'm lifeless

Every time I close my eyes I
there you are with me
laying on the floor with boredom
just talking away without a care

Then I wake up to the sunshine
like your smile still does in my life
you are in my heart for now and forever
you will always have the special glow to me

When I was filled with doubt
how you turned my frown upside down
you always taught me to believe in wonders
and trust me I do believe for you

You always knew when I was sad
even when I hide it with a smile
you could have seen it in m eyes
but now you don't see the hurt

When I cried you were always there
your smile you tell me it will be okay
a hand to say I'm here for you
and a shoulder to say let your worries drift away

My hand will always be here
my shoulder will be waiting
but i feel like you don't need or want it
Do I still mean something to you

For your smile will always light my world
your appearance will give my world a glow
I will always be here for you
so please tell me that you are here for me

I just want us back like before
when we could talk about anything
take each others hands for support
and cry on each others shoulders

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Christian_hebert said...
Nov. 4, 2015 at 11:59 am
I like this story because it describes me perfect in Mrs. Weathers. I fell like I am trapped with all the work. “I’m stuck in here, and I can’t move,” this explains how I am trapped and stuck in Mrs. Weathers’s class.
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