March 3, 2008
By Kate Mendoza, Modesto, CA

You thought you had me wrapped around your finger.
You said you had my back and that's the way it would always be.
Little did you know i would not always be there to linger.
And time would reveal, you never did get the best of me.

I had given my heart and soul to your hands.
With every thought shared i trusted you more.
Who knew you would turn out to be the complete opposite of a good man.
Rotten and hollow i soon realized was your core.

Never in my life did i think it would come down to that.
Throwing every detail back into my face.
I swear, you just watched as my heart fell out of my body, hitting the ground with a splat.
For you obviously, compassion was not the case.

But don't think this is to make me feel bad for me. I actually want to thank you for making me stronger, stronger that you could ever be.

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