The Sonnet of Love and Heartbreak

March 3, 2008
~Today I saw a Love so Sweet and Pure,
Beauty shined in my eyes and blinded Me,
We kissed and loved but Love wasn’t so sure,
Glancing at her fair face, Heart jumped with Glee~

~Her eyes were blue as the crystal Ocean,
Lips soft as the dreamless clouds in the Skies,
She said she loved me, but no Devotion,
Face full of Beauty, but heart full of Lies~

~Wherefore must my love cause me such Sorrow?
Wherefore is that love always hast to Hurt?
Wherefore must love be love? Heart that Borrow,
Wherefore hath bloody teardrops on thee Shirt? ~

~Love isn’t real unless, It Loves you Back,
True Love is Heaven, but my Love is Black!

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