Black Depression

August 6, 2011
No solution no remorse this venom has run it's course

There is no way to end this madness

The end is near it's crystal clear the ways of family vanish

Refuel with cathartic absinthe emotions that I'd rather banish

I'm peeling my eyelids and looking inside my soul

Fully aware of my sanity cloud my reason with depression

Inside my spirit there is a blackness where someone drilled a hole

No clout for those in doubt of any future for you, no confession

Alone one foggy New Year's Eve where seasons have grown colder

As time and years have gone by, these memories are dusty and grow older

I realize that I'm alone in a world created by a bubble

Where my mother's shield wrapped her arms around me, grew into bloody trouble

The mud suffocates me cracks a frown upon my face

I will disappear from this world without a trace

Weezing in my lungs when this fog constricts me

Where the pain of this leaving still inflicts me

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