August 6, 2011
We used to be close like underclothes to skin .. Now its a whole different world you're living in . No one understood us but we understood each other, me and you were sisters & my mother was your mother . I loved you threw the ups and downs, accepted all your flaws.. When i saw you breaking down, i helped you not to fall . Our emotions auto connected, wen i cried you cried too. Look at us now stranger.. friendship died because of u. Everyone's confused neither of us understand.. i saw the ultimatum but i guess u chose your man. its all good stranger, its just you, him and your baby. i will just be there for my godson since i see you tryna play me. You're such a different person, now you wanna play pretend ? like i ruined your relationship u wasn't happy in . He made u smile, he made u cry ...He told the truth and then a lie... i told u but it passed you by.. Now all i could do is sigh. You such a stranger,i don't recognize you.. I'm done like u wanted, yeah I'm threw.. why hold your hand when you snatch it away ? i wont open my mouth cuz you don't care what i say..i know u had baby, tI'mes change sometI'mes people do.but u are my sister, you turned on me like i betrayed you. i just wanted to protect .. make sure that nobody tried to laugh at you. i gave advice aNd information aNd it seem like you smacked Me. then u came at me as if we wasn't family.. deep down inside u know he ain't right .. but still we continue to argue Nd fight . all over YOU .. I'm feeling the danger .. i guess that's why I'm not allowed to speak to strangers ...

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