March 3, 2008
Another wave crashes along the shore,
There’s the damp breeze of the storm,
It’s not here yet but just wait
for those dark clouds to form.
Where did that storm come from?
Yesterday we were so young,
Another memory lost in my mind
but that’s fine because I still have some

Just slip me a clue and tell me,
what is it that you’re looking for?
I have the means if you have the faith
to open the remaining doors.
When that yellow sun fades away,
Say where will the rain fall today?
I’ll be here when it dies,
I’ll be here for the rise if you’ll stay.

Have you yet found that promise
that you swore to keep,
Or did it run away on you already,
and you dream of it in your sleep?
I swore a promise once too,
But I would never do that to you.
When you’re heart’s on the line
looking for some kind of sign of the truth

Just say the word, will we stay?
When will we make up our mind?
Why don’t we let go of our fears
and see what there is to find?
There’s thunder rolling over what’s owed,
Just pile it on to the rest of the load.
Well, it’s that time and it’s dark
so pull the car out of park for the road.

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