Simple Secrets

August 8, 2011
You've heard the cliches
A million times.
You've heard all the notes
(How the melody floats)
Still nothing seems to be able to rhyme.
Halos and Angels and Hallelujahs
The mist is rising, far above.
You've seen minutes pass
(Watch the hourglass)
What can it be?
(For it's surely not love)
The stars stole your glimmer
It's gone from your eyes.
You're a simple illusion
(Creating confusion)
Just look at the way that the humming bird flies
You should know your conclusions
Aren't held in the sky.
A waterfall faling
Through my hand.
You can't figure out why
(But neither can I)
A wave can erase all the signs in the sand.
So how can we ever expect to fly?

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