Breaks Squealing

March 3, 2008
By Alexandria Brandon, Adams, MA

Breaks Squealing,
I'm trying to stop,
But it all goes too fast.
I feel the car drop.
I hear the glass shatter,
I see the lights fade,
The pain comes fast,
and then it all goes away.
I open my eyes,
And I see everyone,
They are all crowded around,
To see what I've done.
I see all the cops,
and the firefighters, too,
They come to open the car,
But it's jammed like glue.
They get the jaws of life,
And pry open my door,
They look at me,
And I wonder what they're staring for.
And then I start to see,
The blood dripping down,
They come to help me out,
But all they do is frown.
They rush me to the hospital,
Into a room I've never been.
I just lay there,
And watch the doctors walk in.
The doctors start talking,
They say I'm a lucky kid,
And I'm going to be okay,
They just don't know what I did.
But I know the story,
Of what happened that night,
How I left that party,
as not a pretty sight.

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