Funnier Than That

August 5, 2011
Have you seen a sight funnier,
Than a wolf wearing shoes?
And while he is walking,
He’s juggling as he goes.

A goat wearing roller blades,
Is as funny as it gets.
But wait! There’s more.
He’s also slicing chips.

A turtle climbing up a tree,
Now why would he do so?
He lost his contact lenses up there,
On the branches hanging low.

An elephant catching things,
Such as avocado peas.
And a walrus drinking juice,
In the wide open seas.

A Pegasus could try,
To bake in an open oven.
But he gets tired eventually,
And goes to sleep in a porcupine’s den.

A rooster in a top hat,
Leaning on a wall.
All dressed up and no place to go,
Except leaning on a stall.

A pan full of blueberries,
Pours out a single cherry.
That cherry has a jacket on,
So please leave, why tarry?

So tell us all your funnies,
A sheep snagged on a tree?
Whatever it may be,
Let them all out free.

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