Inside and Out

March 3, 2008
Inside is always much more than out.
There is more to me inside no doubt.
A strong exterior,
Yet inside, sometimes inferior.
Color is apparent to the naked eye
Heritage and pride are deep down inside.
To basketball fans watching, its just a game,
But inside without it, I would never be the same.
Everything handed on a silver platter, or so you may think,
When really I never gave up when I began to sink.
Never take for granted what you have,
Many times I wish I had a relationship with my dad.
A single parent is all you can see,
But my mom alone is more than I will ever need.
Sleeping in class is what it seems
But deep down inside I’m envisioning my dreams.
Take a quick glance and assume I will fail,
But get to know me and know I will always prevail.
Inside is always much more than out,
There is more to me inside, no doubt. ©

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