My Heart

March 2, 2008
I think you have taken something from me.
But don’t worry, I don’t care.
Mama always says its best to share.
I know that if someone takes something they will always give it back.
And if they steal it, it’s best not to get mad.
I know that some things are best when shared between two people.
That means that I probably should have just given it to you.
I know that in school we learn that one and one is always two.
And one divided by two is ½.
That’s half for me, and half for you.
And I have half of yours and half of mine too.
I know that with my half and your half, I have a whole.
And with one whole, I should be complete.
Because one whole is equal to one complete thing.
So even though we are sharing, we still have everything we need.
Yet, half is giving, and half is there to receive.

It’s been a while sense I have felt this complete.
Now it seems like I have everything.
In Chemistry we learn about poles.
We learn that each pole is made by a negative and a positive charge.
We learn that the negatives attract to positives and the positives attract to the negatives.
And it’s obvious that they are generically interchangeable.
In that, whether you are positive or negative, I am just the same, yet we seem to attract.
This means that two negatives or two positives can attract as well.
Biology says An XX and an XY combine to create an XX or an XY.
So, simply, if misunderstood, you can assume that an XX and an XX can create a generic XX.
I know that in math one times one is still one.
Whether or not that new one is copied or recreated is unclear.
But if recreated it proves that an XX can be created by two just alike it.
Therefore, if XX and XX can attract just as a positive and a negative, then I am still complete.

In English I have a heart, and in Spanish I can a corazón.
Whether or not you understand it in Spanish or in English, I still have one.
I tell you all the time that I don’t understand it.
You tell me to listen to my heart, but I can’t.
So, if this rule is to truly apply, then maybe I should think of it in another language.
It’s still there, that’s proven, but I can’t understand it.
That means that if I can’t say I love you or I can, I still do.
No matter if I say ‘I love you’ or ‘me encanta tu’, I still do.
Because like it’s learned in math class, four is equal to two to the second power, and two plus two, and one times four and so on.
But it’s still four.
So, when confused, it’s still love, when I can’t understand it, it’s still love.
And in the end, I’m still complete.

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