The Journey Of Love

March 2, 2008
By Sam Mapalo, Discovery Bay, CA

How dare you treat her like a toy
You lying, defiant, hideous boy
You made her feel like she had a chance
While you hold another, all she can do is glance

You stabbed her heart with a knife
Now she thinks that there’s no point in life
She’s tired of waiting for her one true love
Someone to make her spread her wings and fly like a dove

She loved you for who you are
But what you left with her, is that of a gigantic scar
When she looked into your eyes, she couldn’t resist
She tried to aim for your heart, she shot, and missed

You don’t know how much she feels hated
What a huge disaster you have created
Now she waits in the dark
She’ll forget about you, she has a long journey to embark

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