Once Again

March 2, 2008
By Matt Mosolf, Brooklyn Park, MN

Once again I fall into my dark despair
As I drown into a pool of sorrow,
I slightly gasp for air.
Someone please help me out of this messed up dream
Where no one can hear my hallowed screams……
Except the voices that whisper in my ear.
They tell me that I have nothing to fear.
They say if I apologize they'll take me out of this sack
And take me to my beloved brother, Jack.

So…..I'm sorry that I'm mental I'm sorry I'm insane.
I'm sorry for the stuff I've said which caused you so much pain.
I'm sorry that I lied to you and told you to get lost,
Now I will do anything for you no matter what the cost.
I'm sorry that I hurt you, I'm sorry I made you cry.
I guess the thing to do know is just to go and die.

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