War of Attrition

March 2, 2008
By Megan Cahill, Cranford, NJ

One foot in front of the other, I keep my head up strong,
The music gradually humming an unforgotten song.
Through my deterioration came my motivation
To rise once again from this cage you built
Deep beneath the surface of the life you once claimed,
Before the war of what went wrong and who is to be blamed.
Endless blue oceans roared in my mother’s eyes,
Waves crashed through each of her weary cries.
You’ve built us on a war of attrition,
Slow and cold destruction being your only mission.
Four long years I have spent buried in this trench,
Battling every day and have barely moved an inch.
I give up, I give in,
There is no will to fight any longer,
I’ll risk it in the no man’s land,
It will only make me stronger.
In your attempted annihilation,
You turned my heart to steel.
Battered and broken, yet can no longer feel.
Give me the hottest deserts, they’ve never felt so cold.
Drown me till there is no air, and I’ll find a way to sing.
One foot in front of the other, I keep my head up strong.
The music gradually humming a now forgotten song.
Pity you didn’t stay around to see,
All that your little girl turned out to be.

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