My Constant Migraine

March 2, 2008
I have this song in my head
It hasn’t left for a while
And every word I read
Is another lyric
Every conversation I have
Is the precise melody
I can’t write down my thoughts
Without listening to the beat
And every day, when I wake
It’s still in my head
Just to find I was singing in my sleep
It’s a constant migraine
Tearing apart brain cells to make chords
But the worst are the verses
With their ear piercing pulses
They throb through my being
After rattling each bone with the chorus
But I can’t stop from singing
I’ve blared through my most beloved music
And sang to songs of every genre
But my blood still rushes to the one in my head
My eyes still blink to its beat
And I can still hear its harmony with every noise I listen to
So lately, I’ve been thinking that this
Annoying, horrific, irritating, mind-crushing song...
Isn’t just a song
It’s me.

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