Blue Water Wishes

March 2, 2008
I feel the
gentle cool mist
sweep across my face as
I sit atop a warm round boulder.

I softly gaze at the
orange setting sun as it seems
to dive into the ocean ahead,
disappearing from view.

As my eyes slide toward the heavens,
I am captivated by the look
of the pillowing pink clouds above me
while they leisurely slip 'cross the changing sky.

I close my eyes,
taking in every second possible.
I live for these moments,
long for this air.

My body slumps
when I remember the strict rule
I was given before
I went on my way.

Despite my well-known tardiness,
I take in one more breath,
sucking in purely brisk air.

I open my eyes
and give my watch a long lasting glare.
I push off the now chilled rock and land
in the silky sand.

My feet slam down on the earth and I gain speed quickly.
The tender wind tosses
my brunette locks from side to side.

All I can think about on the way home
is how I wish I could live here,
twenty hours a day,
seven days a week.

If only I could inhale this air
all the time.
If only I could touch every grain
of sand on this beach.
If only I could swim in these water and not have to worry about if I will get back home in time for dinner.

But until my meal is over
and I am sent to my room,
my wishful, "if onlies,"
are going to have to wait.

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