March 2, 2008
By Sonya Trimble, Cranesville, PA

Hot tears on chilled skin,
deep nostalgia washing in.

Children with broken faces,
grief-stricken for loss of their own.
Eyes searching for answers,
tongues holding none.

Laughter mixes in with the pain,
because they don't know what to feel.
Cast out of their minds, maturity lies
they can't handle this.

Inability to know puts us
out of control,
just like the car that had

sped 'round on the road.

Searching for some guidance,
they resort to looking above.
Hoping, for a fleeting instant,
he'd been shown God's love.

Crisis over, it's all burnt up-
still haven't found our release.
Though we might seek condolence
in that..

he had found peace.

Dedicated to Sam,
who died on January 16th, 2008.

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