Color My World

March 2, 2008
By Kristi Sherman, Solon, OH

She smiles to hide the grueling pain,
With her eyes so big and bright,
But if you look beneath her fair facade,
You’ll see nothing she does is right.

Someone cries in the middle of the night,
Only the violet sky can hear,
The darkness whispers nothing back,
She wishes the end were near.

Deeper and deeper the wounds sink,
But still, she holds her head strong,
Wearing a small, torn, purple dress
She asks, “Daddy, what is wrong?”

Daddy leaves and she’s left alone
Tears stream down her swollen face,
When will all her torment end?
She only longs for his embrace.

Time goes by and she moves on,
The dark bruises slowly fade,
But no matter how hard she tries,
The memories will still remain.

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