Our Tears and Words

March 2, 2008
By Amanda Yopp, Roanoke, VA

i stared at you you asked what's wrong
knowing i didn't wanna say anything
but that look in your eyes and
the way you said just tell me
just made me wanna bust into tears
you held me so tight and said
i just wanna know what's bothering you
with tears in my eyes i said
i'm scared i'm falling in love with you again
you held me closer and whispered i'm sorry
cold tears rolled down my cold face
i whispered you broke my heart before
you held me so tight i couldn't breath
i felt tears on the side of my face
and they weren't mine
you looked at me so deep and heart broken
it killed me i didn't wanna say anything
cause i hate seeing you that way
but now you know the reason
i keep my problems bottled inside
cause they're my problems
and all they'll do is hurt you

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