Happy New Years

July 25, 2011
By PointOfNoReturn SILVER, :D, California
PointOfNoReturn SILVER, :D, California
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Favorite Quote:
Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened(:

Life sucks. No one knows if you want a second chance. Screw the light, we live in the dark.
Love is for losers, hate is everlasting.
Don't hide from the dead, you're almost there anyways.

Scraping the filth out of your system, some people think it's bad?
While they're staying closed up with no filters to their sick and sweet bodies..
Yea, they're clones, but so are you
The hell with being special

Shooting stars are your enemy.
I'm living in a world with no sun. It's so freaking dark
And I can't see.
You are my sun, I will let you be my sun
So we can stop the raindrop tears.

How can one cure mend a thousand broken hearts? You're confused
Wishing you weren't alive.
Take a band-aid
Because they're giving them out for
Aren't you happy?

You can rip up your own heart, but I bet you don't know that it's not only yours?
Who made your heart?
Wait, that was MY heart that you destroyed, remember?
I have yours.
I can't believe you ripped up mine.
Hurting yours would be impossible
for me to do.

You lost your wings during the trip.
But don't think for one minute that you're taking mine.
Made that mistake before.

Your heart is made of roses,
Mine is made of tears.
You have your own princess.
She sings (screams)
But nobody hears..
Lose the BS, no one's falling for it.
It shouldn't be that hard for you,
Choose someone, but just one,
And be careful when you talk.
Because you really don't know what you're saying,
Who you're talking to,
Or what you're doing
You have no idea.
And it's obvious.

Crying raindrops? You or me?
Kind of fireworks, streaming down the sky, or cheeks.
Never over, you should know you're on top.
Destruction is your way to keep yourself safe.
And that's just dandy.
Save it, I'm sorry.
Tough love is still love.
And love is forever, you can't just be done.
So don't try and test me. Please.
I could beg,
Would that make you happy? Or cry...?
Stop splashing, I see you!
I'll save you...
So quit worrying,
Don't worry.

I think I'm going through a drought, a tunnel, space.
Is there some evil living in your backyard,
Only consumes you when you let it?
Want it? Need it?
So you feel in control?

Why can't you see? You've taken over my mind.
I'm desperate to get you out of my head
And my thoughts.
Our little stories replaying in my eyes
People ask, "Why are you smiling?"
The in a few seconds, "Why are you crying?"
I just shake my head and smile,
because I WANT it.
Why would I want you?
Here in your arms, here in your arms, here in your arms.
The ONLY place I could be.
How did I get caught in your cute little web?
Was I really that subjectable?

I saw you watch the wind blowing over the grass blades
Wondering, "Who is she?"
And, "Why is she here?"
...Are you ready?
Probably not, but who is?

We can't deny this,
It is pure and true,
Solid unbreakable,
Amazing, happy, sweet,
Flaming, unavoidable, tangible,
Soft, colorful, unforgettable
Don't worry, don't forget, and don't deny...me.
Trust, truth.

Our version of love is screwed..
And as good as it gets.
And it's pretty damn sweet.
i can live with it,
I can even die with it.

My sea of darkness
That is your eyes..
Your lips, your cute nose.
Just you.
I can't get past this.
If I'm your princess,
You're my sun,
And our love is a rose,
Then we are a fucking fairytale..
And those always have happy endings.

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