Here is Where I Shall Publish My Poems

March 1, 2008
Here is where I shall publish my poems.
Poems that signify the inner-mind of myself...
In times of distress and negative-emotion...

Starting with my narrative poem:

One More Wouldn't Hurt

Lying upon the brink of confession
Does his sanity of mind invert
Dying to feel the knife's sensation
One's first try couldn't hurt

Afterwards became such a pleasure
That unstable mind remain alert
Of nothing more than will is sure
One more wouldn't hurt

An illusion has the room become
As a mirage is ready to convert
All the more reason did he succumb
One more wouldn't hurt

Alas! Never can one more hurt
For he sees nothing but darkness
While forever staying the knife's dessert

Next is my quatrain poem:

The Reality of Humanity

Deviating to death's destination
As the wings of life ascend
To conclude this damnation
Does all of humanity end

Last are my three haikus, lol:

Sinister Decomposition

Rotting in the ground
Does all nature dissipate
Life everywhere dead

Endless Struggle

Innocence is caught
In the evil web of life
Waiting to be found

Elegant Disaster

Crashing down to place
Comes silently the ending
Of nothing but life

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