March 1, 2008
Hate and discrimination
fills the world;
killing babies
and hurting little girls

Man this world
has changed
so much, for
now my mon
cries to much

For I'm scared
to walk out the door
and try to face
the world alone

I run to my dad,
but he can't be found,
for he's sittin in
a place, where bars
can be found

You try to succed,
but yet you land,
with the seed
of hate for,
you watch as
the KKK spit
in your face

You get a gun
to protect yourself,
but the police
take you out,
because your race
gives them a doubt

So you stare out
the door, wondering
when the rain will
pour and wash away
the hate

But it yet causes
people to cry deep inside
and pray that the world
will just sigh

And give up all the
pain,doubt,and war
but hate just fills the
void and dicrimination
sets in and then the
world shall end

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