The Acquiring Soul

March 1, 2008
By Nicholas Watson, Fort Worth, TX

When I was born, I was polarized
So through my life I was a magnet
A magnet for pain
A magnet for tears
A magnet for happiness
A magnet for laughter
I acquired speech and learning used more than one or twice
I acquired bruises and heartache, some purple, some blue
I acquired kisses and hugs all warm and cozy
I acquired fear and farewells with tears and remorse
I acquired maturity that lasted with me all my life
I acquired strength and my voice that helped in despair
I acquired time and humor that brought laughter and smile lines
I acquired little boys and girls who through their childhood told me of monsters, nature walks, showdowns between villain and sheriff, and handsome princes rescuing damsels
I acquired gray hairs and wrinkles and bones that ached that earned me the title ‘old’
I acquired young adults who listen wide-eyed to the stories of my past
I acquired dentures and sore gums as I chewed the sweets of life
My favorite chocolate kisses
I acquired wisdom that was used to teach others
I acquired illness that finally took the best of me
I acquired a coffin that my body now rests within
And even though this acquiring soul has died,
I acquire sleep.

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