Heart Song

March 1, 2008
By Jenny Pinther, Duluth, MN

I fell in love
all over again
and I blame it on you
because before I met you,
things were simple
things didn't have to feel pure.
things didn't remind me of you.
I wish I could draw or paint
so I could relate more to you.
I wish I could live in your house
and skip high school
so we can get started
and do both the things we want...
even though I want Northern Hemisphere
and you want Eastern.
I want to hold your hand
and have weeks like last week.
Make Valentine's Day just another day.
I want to slow dance with you
in front of the transit center
and kiss your lips
in front of all the gangstas and people
who'll never understand.
I want to not think about it.
Subway every day after school, even
if I don't eat anymore.
propose that we drive to the cities
the moment I get my license
and we'll do stuff.
I don't even care what.
Perhaps stay in high school, but go on trips
and talk all the time,
never running out of things to say.
I want to rub your shoulders
as long
as I have my strong man-hands.
Become linguists
and amaze people
with our eerie connection
and the ability to finish each other's
in every language we know.
Write a book together.
oh please.
I'll edit and write
you'll draw and write
and we'll make novels
write stories
create our lives
and put it all on paper
for the world to see
and maybe someday, they'll finally
get us.

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