Immortal Disservice

March 1, 2008
By Julianne Ruetz, Redwood City, CA

Time should not forgive us
For what we’ve done to him
Give me not infinity
To wander through this din

Knowing naught of left from right
And confusing right for wrong
I question how wrong is right
In the suddenness of my downfall

From down to up and down again
I know I’m no longer me
So am I to fear the fears of man
And like them, bar all uncertainty?

Slash the demons we were told of old
To condemn with fear and spite and
Send understanding, with haste away!
To the depths of lasting night

But centuries later we do free them
With absent apology
And they who killed take little blame
For their strange ideologies

And still the nights are dark and long
And the light I cannot touch
And I yearn for the sun on my skin
While the rest I miss not much

So am I supposed to bend to books
Who declare my life to be
Unnatural and wrong, of course,
And simple blasphemy?

Am I a part of the devil’s clan
That calls out to evil things
Should I relish in the crimes of man
And fly on unholy wings?

Or should I search this soul of mine
And hope that I shall see
The dove’s wings were never white, but gray
Like the world, Time, and me.

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