Almost Eden

March 1, 2008
There it stood beyond the trees along all lakes and rivers.
The sun was shining through the clouds
enlightening the beautiful garden.
Each flower was blooming and their scent filled the air.
The grass was an enchanting green.
A cool wind blew across each living face and the birds in the sky would all sing.
The clouds were as white as the Maker's robe and the milieu smelled of sweet rain.
A white picket fence stood at the entrance with a grapevine twisting around it.
The garden was free of all worries and was a place that all glory dwelled.
It held those who were lost and was smiled upon by the eyes of the angels above.
The garden was living and filled with life.
For some it was heaven on earth.
Inside it mothered all beauty and worth and was reffered to by some; Almost Eden

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