Who am I?

March 1, 2008
That is something I no not
For many individuals have defined me before with their own superficial judgments
Bequeathing names upon me
Christening me with their adjectives and adverbs as if they know who I am
Who I am
Is a mystery to me
And my mother who birth me has questioned the daughter she sees in the mirror
Swearing it’s not the same child she saw yesterday
Who I am
Is not what your distorted vision thinks it sees
Not what your socialized mind believes
Not what your confused senses grasp me to be
I am not a nameless face in a world of billions multiplied by trillions
I am not a ratio in your college dropout percentages
I am not an inner city kid without a future
I am not a teenage drug attic, with failing grades
I am not who you will blame the demise of this country on
I am not the stereotype you see on BET
I will not be the scapegoat of your next court case
I will not be the exception to the rule
What I am
Is your future
The person who will develop the future of this country
I am an individual
With my own mind not conformed by the media
With my own morals not corrupt by the facets of this fraudulent government and society
I am not who you say I am, not who they think I am,
I am all I can be, I am me

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