The Lovely World

March 1, 2008
By Clarisse DelGreco, Fremont, NH

Part 1
We sat down on the side of the hill
The pattern of clouds in the afternoon sky
Mud sliding down the hill making a wreck
People protesting for what they believe in
All high and mighty
The table got put away
The flowers grew from the ray of sunshine hitting them
Nothing is ever wrong
Sap turning into sugary maple syrup
Every time I look at the sun I can feel the rays giving me a burn
The time goes by way too quickly
Just lay there sleeping
The leaves that fall from the trees have quickly turned colors
The children’s arms got goose bumps when the wind passed by
The blue lips were shaking from the cold of the slushy
Hopscotch was being played all round
Men working on patching up the roof
The sun wind and earth are so wonderful
The dog and I stood up and realized we loved the world around us

part 2
The park was just down the hill, from where all the sounds were
The clouds rolled by as they covered up the rays shining from the sun
The children’s parents flowed onto the benches watching them play
Lovers holding hands
Sand flying everywhere
All different types of people walking down the path
I put the leash on the dog and we headed down for a stroll in the park

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