A Mindless Dream

March 1, 2008
By Fatima Braboy, Chicago, IL

Your mind is well fed,
But will it be if your dead?
You think to yourself,
"Damn, will I make it by myself?"
Another day in this crazy town
Man I cant be found....
lying around somewhere in a dumpster
laying in an alley or found in a street.
Hearing my mom crying and wondering...
"why lord,why did my baby have to die".

I don't wanna think of that the next morning as I wake up.
Thinkin to myself "Damn life is so fucked up".
Having to deal with gunshots and manslaughter 1, 2, and 3; rapist and drugdealers waiting to come reel me in to this so called ghetto life.

Being mocked and thought of as lowlifes.
Being an American today just isnt right.
But someday this life will be alright.

I hear or see no guns, rapists, and drugdealers out in the world,
because I am being born again in a new world.
No more having to worry about being shot and reeled in,
because in heaven I have committed no sins.

I don't have to worry about nothing bad happening to me,
because as I came to see....
I never woke up to adventure or go through any of these things.

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