The Hammer

June 29, 2011
The villain with no soul
Does not care and does not wait,
The author of your destruction,
The designer of your fate.

The pounding of the hammer
Driving the nail, deeper and darker
Into the wound – covered in blood,
The hammer strikes harder and faster.

The nail cries when struck -
Releasing tears of sharp fire,
Sent deeper into the hearth,
A servant of War, his squire.

With every stroke you cringe,
With every blow you scream,
The pain intangible and untreatable,
Wish for the sweet bliss of a dream.

On the edge of the precipice
The assault comes to a halt.
The nail an inch from your heart,
Quickly you attempt to heal and salt.

This peaceful period is just a pause
As the hammer rears back
As far as it can – released –
The steel connects with a loud “crack.”

This final blow pushes over the edge,
Nail penetrates the heart, bleeding and broken,
Damaged beyond all repair,
Not Vulcan can fix the life that was taken.

With heart demolished and destroyed,
You ask why and try to run.
Run away from the suffering and the pain,
Find peace in the barrel of a gun.

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