She Tried

February 29, 2008
By Rob Pina, Wayne, PA

she tried, she lied, she denied, and it died
and she cried
and he spied and defied
the love and the loss was denied once it died
and the time and the trust was lost in the dust
the times and the fun were scorched in the sun
and the rain washed the feelings away
the jokes and the puns and the days filled with fun
and the "your next to nones" and the sounds of the drums
are no longer feelings that stay
our time was so fun, it muffled the guns and brought us together one day
and even in loss it was just worth the cost of the feelings we have today
will we try, will we die, can we catch another's eye and will these feelings go away
we can try not to die and look to another to cry
and ask us to never go away
and we won't lie or deny or defy and we'll find a way to stay
the life, the love, the way you judge, will do us some good someday

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