Nobody's Fool

February 29, 2008
You look at me like I’m nothing,
well guess again...
You say I'm weak and can't handle things on my own,
Guess again, Your wrong.
I'm gonna be strong beyond measure,
You'll see.
I'm nobody's fool.
You can't tell me who I am.
I tell myself.
You don't control any bit of me.
I'm my own person,
I've got my own feelings.
Don't tell me I'll never get anywhere.
I'll decide that for myself.
Nobody's fool. I’m nobody's fool.
You can be the follower.
You can follow the crowd.
But I'm out here on my own,
living life the way I want to,
not the way you do.
You can be a fool,
if you chose. Your choice not mine.
You want this life?
Fine. It's up to you.
Whatever. I could care less,
It's me I wonder about.
Struggling against the current,
i want to escape the life you've chosen for me.
It's my life not yours.
You can be a nobody, you can be the fool.
But when I'm done, I'll be the one who's made a difference.
And you? Figure it out. It's not my choice.
Live life the way you want..
And I'll do the same.
Because this is my life,
and I'm nobody's fool.

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