How come

February 29, 2008
By Kati Heatherman, Windsor, NY

How come evertime I turn around there are people together holding hands, kissing face,

Talking about their "special place"

It seems that that will never happen for me

That no one will ever see how much fun I can truely be

Even though I make you laugh

You look right through me. Why is it because I'm not pretty? Is it because I'm too fat

I just want to know why I'm stuck here all alone

There are no more rings coming from my phone

Everyone I've loved has left me here all alone

Sitting in this empty room with nothing to call my own

I wish you knew how bad I feel

I wish this wasn't real

I have finally cried all my tears away

I wish my heart would have stayed but it to has gone away

So once again I am here alone

With nothing not even my heart to call my own

Every spring when I see new "together faces" and the love I wish I had

It makes me sad

It tore my heart to pieces but alas there are no more pieces left to tear

So finally I don't care

How alone I truely am

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