Random Racial Thoughts

February 29, 2008
By Courtney Hibbens, Plumas Lake, CA

Why can’t I just be one race, one culture?
I am Black, White, Cherokee, Black Foot, and Hispanic.
Why are my cultures distinguishable from each other?
It would not be interesting if all my ethnicities had the same culture.

Why are Blacks treated so wrong?
Black is not just a color but also a birthright.
Not all Blacks are ignorant.
Many famous people are Black or have Black genetics in them.

Why do Whites have so many possibilities?
Whites are imperfect, but many are empathizing.
Not all Whites treat people crudely.
White is more of a race than a culture.

Why are Native Americans treated badly?
Their POW WOWs display their heritage.
I am two tribes coming from two different places, the Southeast and the Great Basin.
We were the first on American soil before it was America.

Why are Hispanics stubborn?
Hispanics are treated horribly; many live in poor places.
“Brown Pride” is what they believe in.
Hispanics can have success in life if they take time to achieve.

Why should it matter who we are?
It doesn’t matter what race we are, but who one is on the inside.
What is believed.
And how one presents herself.

I am glad I am not one race, one culture.
I should not ask why, but I should accept it.
I know I am not a pure breed, but I am a mutt.
Why not just be me?

On behalf of all my cultures, I know one thing. I am a Christian, and that’s what matters to me!

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