Not Just a Talisman

February 29, 2008
Was and is
With a soft and halcyon word.
He was avid.
Creation to bless.
In the Beginning
sacrilege, desecration
a rebellion, hearts apart, a separation.
And there was pain.
The wrong did undulate.
The sin did spread.

Eternal was Sorry.

But there beside, of and inside,
A suppliant.
And there speaks He
of you, of me.
Lamb is strong, summarily.
He speaks for me.
And he that speaks
there beside, of and inside
takes the gambit.
He risks so willingly.

This is Love.

His will overt, there a promise is made,
But the one who is devious
Separation, incendiary
his promise is brackish
a distraction.
For the wages of sin is death.

Oh, how we need the gambit of the Lamb!
Thy graceful breath,

There was great heed.
Through the maelstrom
a hope of celerity.
Come to us quick!
Dwell beside, of and inside
And He came.
Not a propriety
not with animadversion
But He spoke for you
and He Spoke for me.

In his death
we are set free.

Eternal could look at Him
and thereby be pleased.
And the way of the evil one,
death, depravity,
Wiped clean.

Separation is destroyed!
A way has been made!
A place of hiding in Eternity!
It is by faith that we are Saved.

Histrionic and weak,
myopic of truth,
All these things, we’ll no longer be!
“Where, O death, is your victory?
Where, O Death, is your sting?”
(I Corinth. 15:55)

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