In my Heart

February 29, 2008
By jennifer bertrand, Haughton, LA

In my heart there is a rythem, and that rythem makes a song, and the night time noise around me strums the chorus.

the gentle whisper of the breeze, the graceful dancing of the trees,the lightshow of the fireflies,played out just for me.

in my heart there is a flower, only blooming in the night, budding black perfection when the tempo is just right.

but on the outside,there is hatred, and the need to stop my song. such a force that presses in i fear that i may fall.

So I try my best to block it out,and brush away the fear, and in the end, I hold my ground,and sing for all to hear.

and much later do i realise,there was no strife at all, because in the darkness i create, no one can make me fall.

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