To Be Dropped

February 29, 2008
To fall would be pure genius,
escape the madness,
this chaos
around us.
Climb to the top of your building.
you’re the last one standing, last one saying,
‘You’re going to get blood on my shirt;
get blood on their dirt.’
Then good, that is my plan.
You can play the horrific clip inside your head
Stare as my beautiful body
drops down there,
weightless in the air.
gravity tugging at the ends of my hair.
It’s getting darker, now.
Time is getting shorter, now.
Breaths are ending sooner, now.
Lover, hold me tighter, now.
My heart is beating,
its constant
thump thump thump thump
is the beat of my
jump jump jump jump.
Count, ‘One. Two. Three.’
Shout, ‘Everybody,
look at me!’
Fying high above the sea.
Total ecstasy.

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