The Blue and Yellow Day

February 29, 2008
By Sarah Lee, Congers, NY

The blue, serene scene
Of peace and tranquility
Seagulls up above
Flying in harmony

The waves dancing up and down
The schools of fish gather and play
The children on the beach
Follow the waves, smiling

The children collect water in a yellow bucket
Pour the water on the grainy sand
With the wet sand, they attempt
Attempt to build a sand castle with their hands

The little girl picked up the yellow bucket
To scoop up some more water
As she went near the shore
She saw large imprints on the sand

She drops the yellow bucket
To follow the large footsteps
One step, two step, three step
She kept going on

At the end of the footprints,
It split in two
Two different paths
Which path should she choose?

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