Love In Fallacy

July 30, 2011
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Is a young man's love a fallacy?
Is a lady's heart won through hypocrisy?
Is doting the daughter of loving
Is the urge to manifest love, c the urge to manifest love, cajoling?

Why is love like the moon?
Why does love always play a different tune?
Why is infidelity rude?
Why do tongues have different taste for food?

How does the heart feel love?
How do we know love is from above?
How do we know love is a gift?
How do we know love's heart does not shift?

Who knows why some hearts are broken?
Who then can love comforting words spoken?
Who knows this love?
Who is this Jove?

What is true love like?
What can true love buy?
What is love when it is childlike?
What does it feel like when love says bye bye?

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