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July 30, 2011
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I WANNA live a place where 10 means one love
And the number 8 represents two people engaged in a hug
I wanna live in a place with no single parents homes
Or no foster homes and all people took care of there own
I wanna live in a place whertheree's no under aged pregnancy
And kids would wait till they were grown
So they wouldn’t be forced to be grown
I wanna live in a place whertheree's no heart ache and hate and all people could learn tappreciatete the difference
So when they had kids they could relate to the problems and be good parents
I wanna live in a place far from perfect but real close to great
I wanna live in a place where kids would go to school an befriend kids who were different
Not cause they wore similar clothes or had similar foes
Just cause they were different and they understood the difference
I wanna live in a place unlike the one I live in
But still kinda like this with littler problems like what shoes to wear or how should I wear my hair
Not like global warming and gas prices to high and war in other countries where our young die
I wanna live in a place where u still cry to relieve stress and get a weight off your chest but after that one time one more tears shall fall and this too shall pass is what u’ll hear right before you think ur gonna fall
I wanna live in a place like what I expained
But I don’t ugly people push the buttons on earth
And the good ones r to poor or fighting a war for something unknown I wanna and if I had the choice im gonna
But I don’t so ima jus live 4 today and always pray.

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