The Book of Blood

July 30, 2011
By Ashesuponthesoil GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
Ashesuponthesoil GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
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I pray unto thee for deliverance Won't it be acknowledged? I sing unto thee for worship. Won't you lift your head? And look into my eyes, i implore you my lord, for freedom. Yet thou won't acknowledge it, I obeyed what thou have written. Yet you abide me fair well with those ghastly lips. Don't you hear the flesh rippen? Don't you see every drip of blood, I shed? Don't you see the pain I'm in? Yet you look away and say... "Whimpers are shadows of eternal life, shouts on the other hand, plain and simple, short and unique make me gasp." You saw me dragged across the gravel road, you heard my screams and saw my flesh, As it ripped and churned from my face and my eyes. Emerald. With a small hint of disgrace... As the days when it was with grace, slowly shut You gave unto me the eternal pain, Which no one has suffered, which no one can take My flesh plain and simple has become a ghastly boo Written u[p with hands that are no longer there Written by those whom mocked will be avenged Written upon my flesh with which once I sinned Now my lord, I implore you for some desired rest You heard my story, as it grew intense by the heat As their stories kept on pilling upon me You saw their beginning and their worthless endings You saw the handless write upon me, as they dug deep You heard the voiceless speak through me, ripped my lips You saw the blind see through me, a tattered flesh You fed the hungry through me You gave them sunlight, sunrise and dawn Nothing kept you away from them, now I implore you to take me home

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