someone special than my life

July 30, 2011
By shivansh BRONZE, FAIZABAD, Other
shivansh BRONZE, FAIZABAD, Other
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everyone says love is "a pair of hearts beating for each other " but for me "its an interrelationship of two souls living for each other."

when your memories comes in my mind
the whole world seems immortal to me,
god has made many beautiful things in this world,
but nothing is cuter than relationship between you and me,
when i opened the eyes for first time
i was surrounded by many faces
but the face that surrounds my life
is only u for me,
whenever in life my eyes wiped
your hand always present their to vanish it,
whenever in life i feel alone
your voice always present their fade it,
whenever in life i fallen down
your arms are always present their to support me,
whenever in life i feel scared
you are always their to hold my hands,
its an miracle or its an magic
i don't know,but its not the question
the question is that ,
how can i will pay you back for all you does for me ?
everything can be valued in life
but your love is invaluable towards me,
you are beautiful ! unvalueable ! and uncompareable !!
you are my mothers ! you are my mother ! you are my mother !!

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