Two Of One

August 3, 2011
By , st paul, MN
Blue eyed, long wavy haired, girls come out of a store. SO distant yet so close. Their faces exactly the same in every way. Both of them sad and angry. Yet they hold hands. What store did they come out of?
Best Buy, a blue and yellow store. A big man Pushes them to the ground. The left girl scraps her knee as she falls. Breaking from her sisters hand, cupping her wound. Blood spreads fast and the girl on the right jumps to her feet. Waving her fist at the man in the door way. The man grins.

"Why!? Why!?" she screams at the top of her lungs over and over. Falling to her knees too, now. Covering her tears that flow to her eyes and can't be stopped.

"Go on home now little girls." He smirks and disappears into the building. The girl with the wound, limps over to her sister and tries to calm her down. When this is done, the two sisters again look so distant from one another. But still holds hands, walking away from the building to a bench. With their sad and angry look a pound their faces.

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