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The Amulet of the Kings

July 28, 2011
By Wolfs SILVER, ClarkCounty, Washington
Wolfs SILVER, ClarkCounty, Washington
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Horney stared at the oncoming lions he just couldn’t let them get it. Horney looked back at his tribe he couldn’t go back there then he turned to the lake gulped and ran. The Lion general looked at his troops and said, “We have to go after him otherwise the king will not be happy!” Horney looked over his shoulder and then back at the amulet, he just couldn’t let them have it the Rhino Lord would fire him for sure. He would be an outcast ready to be eaten, but if he protected it his ranking could go way up. The Lion general roared in frustration, “We must catch him I don’t want to go in the water. You go take the short cut and try to cut him off.”

“Aye sir, my men come with me.” responded the young private.

“Captain go! Hide by the rhino’s village, and take your troops go now!”

“Yes sir, men lets move.” With that the captain and the private were out of sight.

Horney looked back; strange now there was only ten lions chasing him, “I bet I lost them” thought Horney with a grim grin. Suddenly, Horney saw five lions in the bushes ahead of him he turned slightly to the left and ran even faster. Horney frowned at his options disobey orders and go back to the village, keep running, or go in the lake. Thinking quickly he chose the lake, and with that Horney ran into the lake. Horney splashed through the lake as he ran. He looked back and saw that the Lions were not pursuing him. He quickly ran to the shore, and began the slow trudge back to his village.

The General paced the throne room as he and the Lion King tried to come up with a plan. Finally the young private showed up and he presented a plan.

The private, general, the king, and the captain marched up the palace stairs they had called a meeting of all the allies. The tigers, cheetahs, cougars, and jaguars, and other cats and together they declared war on the Rhinos. The Rhinos in return called on their allies the Hippo, Alligator, zebra, and the Elephant.

Horney arrived at his village and trudged up to the palace to talk to his general, because the king would not speak to scouts. Horney described what he had done and gave the general the Amulet of life. The reason why the Lions wanted it is that some animals didn’t submit to him as king, over all the Jungle. So when the Rhinos got the Amulet that would’ve made the Lion king live forever, that as you can imagine didn’t make the lions very happy thus the war.

The Amulet had first been in the hands of the zebras, but they locked it up so that nobody could use it for unfair gain. That is not what happened.

You see the tigers dug it up and broke through the lock, and they gave it to there king who was at war. With the Lions the Tiger king gave it to the Lion king in turn for peace. But then a little Rhino was walking through the woods when he found it and took at back for his collection but his parents saw it and recognized it was the Amulet of life they immediately gave it to the rhino king.

The armies were assembled in front of each other Tigers, then the lions then cheetahs etc. Then the rhino army was formatted the same. Horney knew what he had to do. So, Horney snuck into the palace grabbed the amulet, sneaked out, and with that he walked towards the battle field.

Horney walked into the middle of the battle field and with the Amulet held high above his head threw it down to the ground. He crushed it! The lions roared in anger as they ran forward. The elephants stampeded and together they all crushed Horney to pieces.

Now you are probably thinking what a terrible ending. But do you really think it is a terrible ending because from then on the animals were at peace, and that is why Horney knew he had to do it.
Like I said it isn’t that bad because Horney died so that there would be peace. He wasn’t thinking about himself he could’ve just watched as the animals gored each other over power, but he did something to stop it. He made the ultimate sacrifice his own life so that everybody could live a little longer and happier life, and not just think of battle plans till they rot. Like Horney our Savior could have just said “Hey Father, funny how they fight and argue like that.” But he didn’t the people he came to save killed him, but in Christ’s blood we were able to live forever without some amulet too! All we have to do is say Lord you are right I’m sinful and evil, but you died for me and rose again on the third day. I believe in your saving blood.

The End.

The author's comments:
I thought hm maybe I could write something that helps preach the gospel so there it was.

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