August 1, 2011
By , Corry, PA
If you love someone else
that’s okay
I guess I’ll just be on my way
I’ve missed you so long
But I guess that’s wrong
Because we will never see each other again
We live miles apart
And you’re to late
To come back into my heart
But I bet your girlfriend
Is lucky
To have someone like you
Because you were the best thing
that ever happen to me
And I bet you are the best thing
That’s ever happen to her
But in the end
No one could
love you as much as I did
But I guess
The love I had for you
Was not good enough
To hold on to
Because I still remember you
As that cute nine year old
Who was so sweet and considerate
And now you’re a teen
And you’ve turned out
To be the complete opposite
You’ve turned into mean
I figured you are a player
And so I want to be your slayer
Cause I want to forget you
Now that I understand
The words I love you
Means absolutely nothing to you
I am so sorry
But I must say good-bye to you
And all my internal feelings
I’ve always had for you
Good-bye to you
And forever
I must move on
Because I can always find another
Good- bye forever

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