my burning personality

August 1, 2011
i dreamed that there was this old rotting house in the middle of nowhere almost. i decided to put it on fire so i did and as it went up in flames i tried to find a chair to watch it burn but there were only broken ones. i found 3 chairs upside down on a power line but could not reach them. all a sudden a garbage truck came and tried to pick up the only good chair that almost worked and just left the others. i told the man to leave it there because i was still using it.

the house never burnt down it just keeps burning. later i saw this trailer, it wasn't there before so i went in it, there were these two guys arguing about the world, on how they hated some things that were happening and wanted to do something about it. but they just sat there and ate a lot of candy. i took some, a lot of it and they didn't mind.

the environment was clean in the trailer and outside. there was no heat, not even from the fire but my feet really hurt

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