you <3 [:

August 1, 2011
By , hollywood, FL
i got him stuck on my mind hes just soo addicting like wine . i love thinking of the times we had together because thats something that will last in me forever . everytime i think of him it makes me smile i hope i can make it last a while . i just want you too no i love you and your stuck too me like glue i cant say goodbye because i got no reasons why . you complete my heart so promise me you wont tear it apart . im gonna take the risk and keep my heart running like a disk . i promise you wont regret it if you try not too split it . all i want is too let my heart see if im making the right choice before i start too lead my self too a voice . i hope you dont let me leave because all i want is too achieve i promise you i wont let you go if only you would let me no [:

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