Un Pedicito De Mi(Inspired By A Hispanic Heritage Month Commercial)

July 28, 2011
This is me, and who I will forever be until the ends of the earth. I am who I am and as I see myself through a mirror I am shown the ways in which I have grown. As I speak of myself I hear the pride in my voice, the tenor of my projection and as I smile I know that I have changed into a woman whose life now has a purpose. I feel inspired as these words rush out of my mind, as I move my nimble cellist fingers upon the keyboard searching for an explanation as to why I have now found the light at the end of the tunnel after a tiring search for the sudden inspiration that has now filled my over-worked brain. The final story is finally flowing. The deep timbre of inspiration fills my heart to the point of overflow as I speak my declaration with finality. I say this a lot and it has become my motto: "I am me, I am myself, and I am I." Over 20,000 girls in the world may have my name but they will never have my personality. They will never be able to amount up to what I can do and where I can go. Even as I struggle for new words to come to me I feel my hearts song pour out, and I feel the world now knows what I am about. I feel that even though the world often seems to close around me and push me towards insanity, my writing is the only thing that I have to hold onto, the only Un Pedicito De Mi that can't be copied, that cant be duplicated. I am myself and no one else is me. Don’t underestimate where I can go because the measures are beyond even my understanding.

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