September 29, 2007
By Samantha Fowler, Pgh., PA

All she wanted was her true love to come.
She hasn’t dated a lot but she has dated some.
He came to her with his mind set on one thing.
He expected it to be a summer fling.
In his mind it was all a game.
Too bad it only brought him shame.
Her heart was broken into little parts.
She used to draw his name in hearts.
It ended terribly with a death.
It happened when he was using meth.
He claims it was an accident, he didn’t mean to kill her.
He can barely remember her last words, they were a murmur.
“My dear baby I loved you but I guess your love wasn’t true.”
These words made him blue.
Now as he sits in the room awaiting his sentence he cries.
He realizes now his love wasn’t a lie.
What he had done was a horribly thing now her name haunts him.
All he ever hears is “Kim, Kim, Kim.”
As the judge sentences him to life he cant help but think.
When they didn’t know each other they would send a wink.
He wish’s it didn’t happen to her maybe even him.
Now all he has his not even his dignity just his name, Tim.

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