It's You who I turn to

June 10, 2011
My mind is confused, about to collapse
As these hours slowly elapse
It feels like my fate has been sealed for good
But I’m someone who is just misunderstood

Do I need something else, no my mind isn’t right
How can I need anything if I’ve lost my sight
It is You I believe in
There is no question
With You there’s no more oppression
But I have a confession
You are my selection
Now that You are in my life
I can actually start living
Now that’s the good life

I don’t need to cut myself
Just to feel something
Because the feeling you give me
Is the most wonderful thing
I no longer feel bad for me
But for the people who don’t know You
Because they just have no clue
On how their lives can be saved too
And all I can do is pray for those few
And hope they can learn something new

I can’t show them the light Jesus but I know You will
The pain will be love and the emptiness is filled
And I won’t be focused on lonely making the dollar bill
‘Cause that’ll get me onto a whole new uphill, battle

But there’s no loss when I’m with You, I can only win
My life was empty but I will always let You in
You rose from the grave and are better than you have ever been
And by doing this for us You have crushed sin

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